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Bible Colleges

Evangelical Brotherhood Church (Inc) in Papua New Guinea has seen the great need in the spiritual development of the people in this nation. People are lost in darkness. Souls are dying without the knowledge of Truth. Having seen this great need, we took the initiative to train and equip young Christians to become pastors so they can take part in evangelizing people to help further the growth of Christians towards spiritual maturity.



Brief history of our Bible Colleges

The first establishment of our Bible College was in 1962 at Yauna, Kainantu district of Easthern Highlands Province. It was then extended to 6-Mile, Lae Morobe Province in 1965 and is still existing today. A few 100 pastors have been produced after 50 years. Some of this pastors are actively invloved in the ministry today.

Bible College, LAE

EBC Bible College in Lae focuses on 3 different areas in training:
  • Biblical knowledge in teaching
  • Every individual student to have Biblical knowledge to teach others.
  • Teachers from the Bible College are teaching different subjects from the Old and New Testament in the class.
  • Character
  • Every student must have a good character standing.
  • Biblical knowledge in the head comes live through character.
  • Skills
  • Utilize whatever skills gained from the Bible College in the field.
  • Pastors are not to depend on Christians like bosses. Working hard with their hands with the skills gained.

Highlands Bible Schools

The Church also has 3 Village Bible Schools apart from Bible College in Lae.
    1. Timil Wagi Village Bible School – Minj District, Jiwaka Province
    2. Yauna Village Bible School – Kainantu District, Eastern Highlands Province
    3. Bai Village Bible School – Wewak District, East Sepik Province
Provision of training for single male students:
  • Theology – New Testament and Old Testament
  • Literacy School
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • English
  • Agriculture – poultry, piggery, cattle, coffee, garden
  • Carpentry

Morning lessons in the class and the afternoon doing practical in the respective projects.

Employment opportunities:

  • Teaching Sunday school.
  • Layman in the Church.
  • Using carpentry skill gained to a build church building.
  • Leading in youth ministry.
  • Employed in some projects within the church.
  • Reflect the light of Christ to others in the community.
  • Eligible for further studies in Lae Bible College for full time ministry in the church.
Provision of training for married couple:
  • Theology – New Testament and Old Testament
  • Literacy school
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • English

Employment opportunities:

  • Involve directly in the pastoral ministry.
  • Go for further studies in Lae Bible College after 1 or 2 years in the pastoral ministry.