ebc youth ministries

Youth Ministries

We have several youth programs that help us reach out and communicate effectively and evangelize to young people who are following Jesus. We welcome all young people to be part of all our programs.

EBC Youth

Regularly Youth fellowships are part of our national church program. Every week on Friday or Saturday young adults come together to have special events: Hot Topic, Outreach, Prayer Night, Bible study, Fun Night and much more. Sometimes there are special conferences and camps for our young folks. We are looking forward to getting some new leaders, coordinators and pastors out of our youth groups. Everyone is welcome to join us.

Religious Instruction (RI)

All over the country we are sharing the word of God to students. Every week we are going to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Universities. During that hour we offer different activities such as: Sing songs, play games, tell stories and show how it affects their daily lives. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to many children and young people as well. We are glad to be part of the Education of Papua New Guinea.

Morning Star

Morning Star is one of our Kids Ministry programs that was initiated and based in Goroka town since 2016. Every week we spend many hours to visit the children in the settlements. There also is a team in Lae and in Jiwaka who spends time and gives hope for tomorrow. We provide weekly Kids Clubs and other activities like Boys – and Girls club, Camps and Kids days. Our vision is that the poor children break out of the darkness and become a light for Jesus Christ.

Kids for Mission (KFM)

The Kids for Mission ministry (KFM) started in the year 1998 and still continues until today in some centres of our church (EBC). It involves kids of all ages who gather together in groups to listen to Mission stories and Bible stories related to the mission. The main aim is to encourage kids to pray, to give and to go to do mission work.

The Four

It is a great instrument for doing outreach and share the Gospel. Very easy, simple, helpful and powerful to speak with others about God and his Son Jesus Christ. Each symbol talks about your life story. We as a church, and especially the young people, are using this great tool for serving God. We have a booklet, shirt and a bracelet with showing the FOUR points.

Yut Kalenda

Hia yu painim ol material bilong wanwan leson i stap long Yut Kalenda.