EBC Health Services

Evangelical Brotherhood Church (EBC) Health Services is a non-profit faith-based organization and is a service of the EBC church in PNG. We work mostly in the rural communities of PNG reaching the unreachable.
Our Focus

The EBC Health Services’ aim is to prevent illness by focusing on informing communities through Health Education, Health Promotion, and Health Awareness. Our goals are for communities to achieve healthier living environments, better personal and family health practices, and have access to preventive medications and immunizations.

We strive to empower individuals, families and communities improve their health and transform their communities through changes in attitude and behavior. As we care for patients, we aim to show the unconditional love of Christ. We pray, that through our love and care, people will experience Christ‘s love for them and will accept him into their lives.

Health Services Today

As the PNG’s population moves into urban areas and is more exposed to the problems of alcohol, drug abuse, and HIV/Aids, there are many unmet needs.

  • 87% of the population live in remote rural setting
  • 13% live in urban areas

Given the country’s natural geographical terrain, bringing health services to these areas is a challenge for the Government’s Health Department as well as the Christian churches, and other non-government organizations. EBC Health Services compliments the health directives of the Government by providing these health services to the rural majority of the country’s population.