Our training centres provide a place for young men and women to learn important technical skills such as cooking, sewing, carpentry, mechanical skills and more. We also provide Bible studies to students to help them become mature Christians.

Girl’s Vocational School (GVS)

GVS is a 2 year Training program for young women to prepare them for their future life in the village and town. The students are trained to become a good member in the community, a well-equipped mother and a housewife as well as to be able to support themselves for their own living. The training aims to strengthen the Christian life of the students and encourage them to help support youth and chidlren’s ministries.

Course Outline:
  • TEE Bible Study
  • Cooking and Nutrition
  • Sewing, Handicraft and Local Craft
  • Mother craft, Home craft, Agriculture and Animal care
  • Health, Hygiene, and Natural Medicine
  • Pidgin, Mathematic and Community life
  • Fundamental truth of believing and Life story
  • Singing, Guitar and Tambourine
  • Church history
  • Basic Bible Study

The students are being taught with theoretical as well as practical lessons.

Further Training

Each year around 10-15 students from our 8 GVS have the opportunity to get some further training at our Girls Training Centre in Kugark, Jiwaka Province. Some students support their home church by helping with the children and youth ministries. Others get married after school and use their achieved skills in their own house and upbringing of their children.

Locations of Girl’s Vocational Schools
  • 3 in Jiwaka Province,
  • 1 in Chimbu Province
  • 3 in EHP
  • 1 in Madang Province.

A total of eight (8) vocational schools.

Girl’s Training Centre (GTC)

The Girls’ Training Center (GTC) located in Kugark, Jiwaka Province, offers additional training for young women who graduate from a Girls’ Vocational School (GVS). The core function of the two years at the GTC is to enable young women to start and run a Girls’ Vocational School in their own community. They are furthermore trained to teach Sunday school, religious instruction (RI) and to work in youth and women’s ministry. The GTC also covers the curriculum of the first year of Bible School, which means that if students choose to attend Bible School after graduating from the GTC, they are able to skip the first year.

Course outline

The courses at GVC includes Theoretical and Practical training in teaching at:

  • Girl’s Vocational School (GVS),
  • Sunday school,
  • Religious Intructions (RI),
  • Youth and Women’s Ministry.

The Bible Lessons include:

  • Introduction to the Old and New Testament,
  • Church History,
  • Counselling, and various bible studies (TEE).

Musical education includes:

  • Singing lessons as well as lessons in
  • Playing guitar, tambourine and flute

The students also extend their skills in sewing and handicraft lessons. They have Computer and Bookkeeping programs as well as lesson books taught at GVS.

Additional Activities

Besides the school lessons students work in the garden, learn how to cook, look after pigs, chickens, rabbits and sheep. The young women graduating from the GTC are well equipped to invest in the lives of other young women and to support and enrich their community and church.

Kassam Training Centre (KTC)

The Kassam EBC station was established in 1964 and it is located between Kassam Pass and YonkiTownship in Eastern Highlands. It has a church, health centre, primary school and a boys’ training centre. KTC was established in 1968, four years after the establishment of the church.

We train young men to be self-reliant by growing their own food from the school garden and look after themselves. From time to time the school has ration for protein and other food stuff which supports the trainees.


In the training centre we have instructors, both missionaries and nationals who teach and train young Christian boys mainly on:

  • Theology
  • Carpentry and
  • Mechanical skills

The duration of the training is a two year course in carpentry and mechanical it depends on how the trainees cope with the skills taught with two, three or four years with the curriculum taught in class and practical work done in the workshop and contract outside.

After completing two years training, KTC offers them with internal certificates and tools and the trainees become good carpenters and mechanics. Some go back to their circuits and help their home circuits while others search for jobs in the job market.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for Carpentry and Mechanical trainings are as follows:

  • The minimum entry requirement for Carpentry is grade six and must have attended two years at Village Bible School.
  • For Mechanical Trainees, you must complete Grade 10 and two years Bible School. If you have completed Grade 12 you can also apply directly.
  • Both fields require young born again christian boys.