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Tertiary Students & Graduates Partnership (TSGP)

Tertiary Students and Graduates Partnership (TSGP) is a ministry under the Evangelical Brotherhood Church. It was established by the members of EBC congregation comprising of mainly students from all the government and private run institutions and universities as well as graduates or professionals who are now working all over PNG and abroad.

Vision and Mission

Our (TSGP) vision is to be an active partner in supporting the mission of EBC PNG. Our mission and goals are to mobilize and facilitate students and professionals to actively participate in the holistic development of people within PNG and abroad. These students and professionals also participate in Christ centred development of the church by preaching and involve themselves in other ministries like youth fellowship, outreach programmes and others.


TSGP is a ministry that comprises of a functional network of students and professionals that support and provide technical, financial and administrative assistance to the church. When we (the church) need help from TSGP, we use our network to find professionals in their respective expertise to make themselves available to assist us with the job we requested for.


Annual Convention

We normally host our annual convention every December to get together our members and enrich one another spiritually with God’s Word. During the gathering we have meetings on important agendas. We also elect our executives if there is a need and in-line with election year of the church.